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BE 5x04, Cuanto He’s a fed.

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Vincent Piazza: 40 Blocks From Home, but a World Away

"In five seasons of playing Lucky Luciano on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” Vincent Piazza never had to shoot scenes on a Sunday. “Sunday is a reflective day, a thoughtful day,” he said. Now, with the show heading toward a promised bloody end later this fall, Mr. Piazza has plenty to reflect on, including, as of earlier this year, a new neighborhood to call home. A native of Queens, Mr. Piazza, 38, speaks with a New York brio that makes a 40-block move sound like a journey across temperate zones. His new home, which he shares with his girlfriend of a year and a half and a miniature longhaired dachshund, is near the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.”

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There ain’t a kid in America who don’t know my name!

Or a cop, neither.

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